Zakhar Ilyich Fainburg’s scientific heritage and Leningrad sociologists

The article contains materials from unpublished works and the personal archive of Zakhar Ilyich Fainburg, the central core of whose work was the transition of a developing society from individualistic formations to collectivist ones. The development of Z. I. Fainburg’s methodology for analyzing the processes of a developing society and many of the results of the study of the “historical place of socialism” remain relevant today. The relationship between the activities of Leningrad scientists and the work of the Perm School of Sociology is described. The relevance of the creative heritage of Zakhar Ilyich Fainburg for the modern sociology of the future and the theory of Soviet socialism is revealed.

For citation: Fainburg G.Z. Zakhar Ilyich Fainburg’s scientific heritage and Leningrad sociologists. St. Petersburg Sociology Today. 2022. N. 17. P. 62-83. DOI:10.25990/socinstras.pss-17.pk1r-2m70

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