Features of the COVID-19 pandemic experience in the informants’ diary storytelling

The article summarizes the impact of the pandemic on the behavior of urban residents. The central place in the article is given to three descriptions of life during the pandemic, which the informants voluntarily submitted to the author of this work for publication. At its core, these descriptions are nothing more than diary storytelling, the comprehension of people of different genders and ages of their interactions with each other, family, friends and the healthcare system. Often, in addition to patient diaries, researchers do not have sources for analyzing and describing life in a pandemic. The usual methods of sociological interpretation are ineffective, and the researcher needs a fundamentally new approach to the perception and analysis of the material. The fact that we use the method of diary storytelling allows us to understand the problems and experiences of informants directly from themselves, without the participation of a researcher. Informants talk about the peculiarities of life during the pandemic, ask questions and create discussions, give advice for themselves and for anyone who may find themselves in a similar situation. Each story is accompanied by a brief comment by the authors of the article.

For citation: Galkin K.A., Protasenko T.Z. Features of the COVID-19 pandemic experience in the informants’ diary storytelling. St. Petersburg Sociology Today. 2022. N. 17. P. 26-42. DOI:10.25990/socinstras.pss-17.72sb-jf33

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