Ironic notes on the current situation in sociology

The article notes as an irreversible fact: the vocabulary and topics of modern sociology have become postmodern. This paradigm shift needs to be evaluated. It is known that the language of assessment should not coincide with the language of the criticized phenomenon. Therefore, the author chose the "ironic style" for his story. The main objects of "irony": 1) the "universal" crumbled into fragments of the "local" — on the example of the concept of "pluralism of civilizations"; 2) "factocentrism", when the very fact of the existence of things justifies their existence; 3) "Otherness" has supplanted the concept of "norms". And so on. Conclusion: modern society needs an “ontology for society”, where ontology is understood as a model of authentic, true (but not arbitrary) existence of things.

For citation: Shcelkin A.G. Ironic notes on the current situation in sociology. St. Petersburg Sociology Today. 2021. N. 16. P. 107-130. DOI:10.25990/socinstras.pss-16.t9mc-az18

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