The Interaction of Local Institutions and Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas

The article discusses the interaction and confrontation of institutions of local authorities and rural business. Years of research has shown the important role of this interaction for the stabilization of the situation in rural territories. Both institutions were on the path of reform in the 1990-2000-s. The analysis of how the configuration of these institutions meets the needs of the Russian society, as this configuration looks like, and how different institutions coordinate their activities. The success of business activity in agriculture is determined by the strategy of the leadership of the district (and region) in relation to the industry, as well as human and social capital of the enterprise top managers. This is accompanied by conservation protosovetsky norms and practices of cooperation between various institutions, when their subjects are deprived of true independence. Local government and rural business didn’t gain independence from the influence of power structures at various levels.

For citation: Bozhkov O.B., Ignatova S.N. The Interaction of Local Institutions and Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas. St. Petersburg Sociology Today. 2015. N. 6. P. 469-489.