Social inequality at post-communist area: inhabitants’ attitude

Redundant social inequality in Russia influences socioeconomic development, stops integration into united European area. The research of inhabitants’ attitude toward social inequality at post-communist area was a part of international comparative research, covered 13 European post-socialist countries, and included focus-groups with urban and rural population and mass survey in each country. The empirical analysis let us fix strong correlation between dissatisfaction by different aspects of life (caused by negative forms of social inequality, as respondents say) and the level of population and authority opposition. International comparison of opinions showed that Russia is one of the countries, where the attitude to social inequality, its beginnings and consequences are stronger, and, accordingly, needs to be in rapt attention and efficient actions of its weakening.

For citation: Eremicheva G.V., Evdokimova E.P. Social inequality at post-communist area: inhabitants’ attitude. St. Petersburg Sociology Today. 2010. N. 2. P. 232-258.