“Apparent Likelihood": what is wrong with the legalization of same-sex marriage?

The article studies the tendency of a growing and large-scale phenomenon — the legalization of same-sex marriages in many modern countries. At one time it seemed that the struggle of gay men against the criminal prosecution of homosexuals gave its results — homosexuality is decriminalized, one-sex partnership is not prosecuted by law. But the LGBT movement did not stop there. The goal is to legitimize at the state level same-sex marriages and the right to adopt children in them. The phenomenon is unprecedented, breaking the continuity of the entire civilizational process. Children without a full pair of parents. Uncontrolled explosion of the reproductive technologies market. Conceptual chaos in the dictionary of family relations. And the most important claim of the LGBT movement is the “equalization” of the constitutional and legal status of homosexual and traditional marriages. The heterosexual majority starts vigorously to oppose the explicit search of demands from gay activists. Today the main strategy of LGBT activists is to rely not so much on public opinion and referendums, as on appealing to the political establishment of their countries.

For citation: Shcelkin A.G. “Apparent Likelihood": what is wrong with the legalization of same-sex marriage?. St. Petersburg Sociology Today. 2019. N. 12. P. 173-190. DOI:10.25990/socinstras.pss-12.qzgz-dv11