Joint scientific publications of leading countries of the world

The article contains the analysis of publications written in co-authorship by scientists from different countries on the basis of data “Scopus”. In article examines the SIR rating of the countries’ output of publications indexed in Scopus in 1996-2018. Russian organizations included in this rating have increased the number of publications by three times, but the number of joint publications in 2018 is the same as in 1996 — 23.6 %. At the same time, the total number of Russian articles written together with scientists from different countries has almost tripled. In other countries, the share of publications in co-authorship with foreign partners grew faster than the total number of publications and amounted to about 50% in the EU, 36.3 % — in the US, 23.6 % — in China. In article analyses the rating of SIR 2007-2011, index of cooperation of scientific organizations. The first place in it is occupied by organizations on the basis of which research is carried out, requiring large investments: nuclear, astrophysics, medical. European countries stand out for the high value of the collaboration index, especially France and Germany.

For citation: Ivanova E.A., Nikolaeva L.G. Joint scientific publications of leading countries of the world. St. Petersburg Sociology Today. 2019. N. 12. P. 5-21. DOI:10.25990/socinstras.pss-12.m1p2-vg73