Social mechanisms of values young people’s health: activity-activist approach

In this paper we consider the problem of value of young people’s health. Young people quite early start to engage in destructive practices (smoking, alcohol or drags intake), destroying their health. To study this problem, we use activity-activist approach. In this article there are two empirical studies data described. The first is built on the basis of the group survey of students, the second — on the in-depth interviews. Analysis of the data will be viewed through the prism of one of the key sociology concepts — the social mechanism, which was adapted in accordance with the analysis purposes. As the result of the study, we concluded that the health of young people is destroyed not only by social forces, but also by reducing the morale of young people. The most important result we found is that the morale of the young people in a practical understanding of their health value is the base point for overcoming the negative situation with regard to their health.

For citation: Sidorin A.A. Social mechanisms of values young people’s health: activity-activist approach. St. Petersburg Sociology Today. 2015. N. 6. P. 423-440.