Qualitative Data Analysis as Scientific Method

The paper continues the theory and methodology laboratory’s investigations on the constructive methods of social research. The contemporary approaches to formulating criteria for qualitative data analysis are considered. It is argued that CAQDAS methods lack any tool that allow estimating analytically results of conceptualization carried out with help of coding and retrieval functions. The context-oriented models of CAQDAS proposed by the author in earlier publications are considered as a structural basis which allows aggregating results of qualitative data conceptualization by virtue of their compilation. Such compilation is analyzed as a method of estimating analytically results of qualitative data conceptualization. The basic features of the method are examined as compared with mathematical methods in social study and textual tools widely used in qualitative research.

For citation: Kanygin G.V. Qualitative Data Analysis as Scientific Method. St. Petersburg Sociology Today. 2013. N. 4. P. 253-266.